Tips for packing

Start packing well in advance. The worst thing is if you still have to pack half of your belongings at the last moment. Use moving boxes for all your belongings. These are easy to pile and take up little space. Make sure that the total weight per box is beneath 20 kilos. When you fill the boxes up to the handles, you use all the space and it will still be possible to carry the boxes. It is also much easier to move boxes than it is to move lose items. When the boxes do not have a handle, it is best to fill them 3/4.

The best thing to do is to box your belongings per room. Write on each box for which room it is meant. You can also write down what is exactly in the box, so you can reach items more easily when you need it, but when you have not yet unpacked.

Moving fragile and important goods

Fragile goods need to be wrapped properly beforehand. The best thing to do is to protect your damageable goods with polystyrene, bubble wrap, blankets or clothes.

Refrigerator and washing machine

Refrigerators can be transported best when they have been turned off for 24 hours. We also advice you to leave the refrigerator for about 24 hours before turning it on again. This way the refrigerator will have plenty time to defrost and the coolant can rest. When you have to transport a washer it is best to make sure it is unplugged and without water. This will prevent leakage in your house and in the moving bus. It is preferred if the water hose is taped to the washer with the end up.

Moving furniture

We advice you to disassemble your furniture. Ikea furniture for example are easy and quick to disassemble. Disassembling makes the moving proces easier for us. It will also save a lot of space in the moving bus. 

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